Our Practitioners

Kyla Haner LIMHP

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I am deeply concerned with the human condition and passionate about mental health. My approach to mental wellness is holistic in that I draw upon client strengths in order to combat distress associated with life’s challenges. My client centered approach is focused on individual needs, allowing me to tailor treatment to each specific client. I value an eclectic approach in order to treat a wide range of individuals and families. I specialize in cognitive-behavioral therapy, the number one empirically supported treatment of depression and anxiety. I look forward to providing quality therapeutic care to individuals and families in need within the Omaha area.

Let’s make change.


Molly Hefner LMHP

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As a therapist I try to be as human as possible; authenticity is my brand. I believe humor is a great avenue for communication, but also a mask we hide behind. I aim to help clients learn to rely less on a mask and lean into who they truly are. I love to work with individuals going through life changes.  By looking at how our experiences have shaped us, I believe we can better understand ourselves, our beliefs, our emotional masks, and I believe we can create better outcomes for ourselves as a result. If you are ready to explore these things, I am ready to explore them with you and help you find your way to a healthier you.

Be proud of yourself.


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